We are already in the middle of March 2019, if you have yet to plan your holiday trip for this year, then this is the post you should not miss!

Although there isn’t any additional holidays from last year, but with an approriate arrangement, you can easily get a long weekend holidays by just utilizing a couple of your annual leaves.

Sarawak Holiday Plan 2019

Since January and February are history already, we shall start off from March.

The first long weekend holiday that come into the picture would be on May. As Labour Day falls on May 1 (Wednesday), by just taking two days leaves on May 2 and May 3, you will have a total of 5 days long weekend.

Holiday = May 1
Leave to take = May 2 and May 3
Total = 5 days (May 1-5)

Next long weekend holiday would be Vesak Day which falls on May 19 (Sunday). It will be replaced on May 20 (Monday) which gives you a 3-day long weekend without the usage of any additional leave.

Holiday = May 19
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (May 18-20)

In June, Sarawakians will celebrate Hari Gawai on June 1 and June 2. The 2nd day of Hari Gawai shall be replaced on June 3 (Monday).On the same week, Hari Raya falls on June 5 and June 6. If you take leave on June 3 and June 7, you will have a long weekend of 9 days!!!

Holiday = June 1, June 2, June 3 , June 5 and June 6
Leave to take = June 4 and June 7
Total = 9 days (June 1-9)

In July, we will be celebrating Sarawak Independence Day on July 22 (Monday) that will give it a 3-day long weekend.

Holiday = July 22
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (July 20-22)

In August, the Hari Raya Haji falls on August 11 (Sunday) and will be replaced on August 12 (Monday). Hence, you will be getting 3-day long weekend.

Holiday = August 12
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (August 10-12)

Malaysian celebrates National Day on August 31 (Saturday). Meanwhile, Awal Muharram falls on September 1 (Sunday) which will be replaced on September 2 (Monday) giving this a 3-day long weekend.

Holiday = August 31 and September 1
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (August 31-September 2)

On September 9 (Monday), we will be celebrating Agong’s Birthday. Thus, it gives us a 3-day long weekend.

Holiday = September 9
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (September 7-9)

On September 16 (Monday) is the celebration of Malaysia Day. This also will give us a 3-day long weekend.

Holiday = September 16
Leave to take = Nil
Total = 3 days (September 14-16)

Lastly, Christmas falls on December 25 (Wednesday). If you take leaves on December 26 and 27, you will have a 5-day long weekend.

Holiday = December 25
Leave to take = December 26 and December 27
Total = 5 days (December 25-29)

With our recommendations, you can easily enjoy up to 9 times of long weekend ranging from 3 days to 9 days starting March 2019.

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